Jo, so much beauty, such depth of feeling and appreciation of the natural world emanates from your work. I cannot begin to appreciate prodigious skills involved in producing such pieces but designs and colours delight. On a morning when news continues to appal, when populist rhetoric reaches heights not previously touched, when cruelty, corruption and greed triumph, your wonderful work has given me great pleasure

Gabrielle Jackson

Thank you! The red lamp, blackbird tile and exquisite wren plate are each and all giving us huge pleasure. Where to start? The iridescent glaze on the tile catches the light in different angles, evoking the familiar shape of the blackbird in greeny lights at dusk and dawn…and of course, the wren is so enchanting. He seems to be alive and enjoying himself with the dandelion seeds singing with quite a voice! What a joy!

Janet and David

I wanted to tell you that at my daughter Clementine’s wedding to her beau…. the head waitress carried one special spectacular dish- the glorious painted stand, carrying the juiciest lobster and the freshest crab and placed the feast in front of the bride and groom, whose gasp of pleasure was magical to hear.  Thank you for executing the commission so totally perfectly!

Juliet Nicholson

The lamps have arrived and we are absolutely delighted: the result is better than we dared to expect.  Many thanks again.

Ann & Murray Campbell

Dear Jonathan & Kerry,  The bowl arrived safely and is utterly beautiful.  Thank you!  We will treasure it.  Best wishes

Barbara & Charlie

Dear Jonathan,  Our friend recently asked you to make a bowl in order to celebrate our wedding in July and I have just picked this up.  It is absolutely stunning and I wanted to thank you for such beautiful craftmanship.  It is such a perfect gift and we are immensely touched.  Kind regards,

Beth & Dave

Dear Mr Chiswell Jones, Thank you for the tiles, they are really beautiful, even better than the images. Best,

Stoker Devonshire

Your most wonderful plate is now adorning our home in Rockport, MA.  It is such a beautiful piece of art and brings back so many happy memories of fritillaries in the spring in Oxford. Many many thanks,