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Here’s to ignorance

Until a pot has been tested by fire it is only a work in progress.

When we have spent 3 months preparing for this final firing, and we know that there is only so much we can control, it is understandable that potters get nervous, may send prayers to higher powers, or cultivate certain rituals.

We try to take a scientific approach which involves recording where every pot was placed and keeping a careful log of our firing procedure.

All the same, however much we record, we know there remain many mysteries. And these are welcome because without them, results become predictable, and some of the fun goes out of what we do.

So, raise a glass to ignorance and to the incalculability of variables beyond our control.


Saving the Rhino

I was asked by a friend to make a plate with a rhino on it for the charity he is working for, and so far am rather please with the result. Ideas do not come to me easily, so when someone asks for something I’ve not thought about and somehow it rings a bell…. well you can see for yourself what can happen. This pot will not be fired till the day before our ‘Learn about lustre’ day on August 14th, but I have high hopes. It will then be auctioned and the result split between the maker and the rhinos.


Covid Restrictions Continue

The latest extension of the Covid restrictions mean that we cannot hold our Learn about Lustre day as planned on July 17th. I would like to move it to August 14th or even September 18th. I have written to those who have booked, but one or two places might become available. Do get in touch if you are able to attend either of these dates- of course first refusal goes to those already signed up.


The Lace in Lustre

It was John Ruskin who said that however closely we look, we can never see all there is to see. Even with a microscope there will be more. So we have to make do with approximations. My drawings of Queen Anne’s lace were hardly accurate(it likes to wave in the breeze for a start), but the vase I decorated from these drawings looks reasonably convincing. Recognisable at least. And there are always chances to try again.


Queen Anne’s Lace

Now is the season for Queen Anne’s Lace, Cow Parsley does not do it justice, which delights me every year and seems impossible to draw. Dark pencil or black pen on white paper seems the wrong way to record those tiny pale petals and intricate centres. Yet there is method in this seeming chaos if we give enough time to see. Pale lustre on a dark ground seems more appropriate, and today we have packed the kiln with one or two attempts to capture this delicate wayside gift. We shall see on Friday how successful my efforts have been.



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